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PDRWorks’ Foundation Based on a Strong History of Excellence

Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation (PDR Clinics) has used a multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal pain and injury for the past 25 years. The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine physicians along with the Advanced-Practice Occupational and Physical Therapists have consistently delivered non-surgical, evidence-based care achieving excellent outcomes with even the most challenging of cases.

It is this expertise and experience that led to the development of PDRWorks. PDR Clinics understood the need in the employer community for a strong, solutions-based company with expertise in workers’ compensation injury treatment, with a strong return to work philosophy that understands the best treatment for injury is prevention.

As both an employer and healthcare provider, PDR Clinics can provide a unique perspective and expertise in assisting employer with the reduction of their workers’ compensation and healthcare utilization costs. We also know that healthy workers are likely to be more productive, experience improved job satisfaction, are less prone to injury, and save employers money through reduced workers’ compensation and healthcare claims.

PDRWorks’ offers an array of service offerings that can be customized to meet the needs and budget of each employer.

The savings realized by employers through investing in onsite care is substantial. It is estimated for every dollar spent on onsite care, the savings can range from $2-$7 in healthcare spending.