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Most companies have a job description for every position in the company.  A job analysis, however, offers valuable benefits to the company.  This document involves a professional that observes the job tasks; learns the names of tools, process, and equipment; measures the heights, distances, weights, and frequency of the environment; and asks the workers lots of questions about their job.  The professional then puts together the information into “essential functions” and “physical demands”.

Essential functions are things that are “essential” to that job.  For example, a worker who delivers pizza to customers must be able to drive a vehicle.  “Drives a vehicle to customer homes” would be an essential function of the job of pizza delivery driver.

Physical demands are the ways the worker moves (bends, kneels, sits, or stands); the amount of weight they must carry, push, pull, or lift; and the distances they must walk, carry, or heights of lifts.

The job analysis provides the company with not just the above information, but also provides departments with a necessary tool for communicating with medical staff who are treating injured employees.  When an employee is injured in a work-related event, the company can provide the doctor with the job analysis.  This can tell the doctor not only the “essential” tasks for that employee, but the physical requirements of the job.  This can help the doctor in determining if any restrictions should be made for the healing of the injury.  It can also help the company with making reasonable accommodations for while the employee is healing from the injury.

The job analysis can also help the company determine if employees are satisfactorily meeting the job requirements of their current position.  They can also use it for the advancement of employees to higher pay positions.  The safety department can request the job analysis include safety risks or ergonomic recommendations to decrease the physical demands of the worker.

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