Getting hurt at work is a major bummer and inconvenience! Avoiding injury is always high on the priority list for workers, management and supervisors as well. Keeping workers at work means production is at its best. Employers know that it is way cheaper to be proactive rather than reactive – in other words, injury prevention is the key! Here are some tips for keeping your workplace safe (perhaps pass this along to the person in charge too!).

  1. Stretch before work – particularly if you have a physically demanding job. Stretch your neck, back, shoulders, legs and wrists. Here are some examples:
  2. Keep your workplace clean, organized, and free of all tripping and slipping hazards.
  3. Use proper body mechanics! Encourage your employer to provide training on proper lifting if they don’t do so already. Review it annually.
  4. Ask for help when lifting something heavy and/or awkward.
  5. Use protective equipment as indicated.
  6. Wear supportive shoes, and stand on anti-fatigue mats.
  7. If you sit at a computer: Sit with good posture, make sure you have a good lumbar support in your chair. Make sure the top of your computer screen is level with your eyes, and your keyboard is within an inch of your elbow height.
  8. Keep yourself healthy! Try to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, stick to a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, and sleep 7-9 hours per night.

At PDR, in addition to improving your overall strength and mobility, we will teach you proper posture techniques, ergonomics and body mechanics to prevent &/or treat work-related injuries. We will also guide you in making healthier lifestyle choices, such as in diet and exercise, which will improve your functional abilities at home and with your recreational activities, too!